The Common People – Discourse

Listen to the extract

The common people have never ruled. They have received this illusion through hollow democratic process. They have inadequate access to democratic institutions, justice and equality. Despite democracy, they remain in poverty, hunger and want. Their rights are unrealised. They are yet to emerge from their dehumanisation into beings with valuable existence. All around, the world remains in a state of disarray and its people continue to suffer.

– The Common People, Tshiamo Malatji

The Common People is a discourse on decentralising power. Focusing on governance, politics, activism, wealth and democratic institutions, Tshiamo Malatji makes the case for reforming power structures in the interests of the common people.

The discourse is Tshiamo’s debut writing effort and serves as the basis of his politics and philosophy. Although the agenda is clear (to decentralise), every reader should comb through the ideas presented in the text to assist in their inquiry of the world around them.

All readers are invited to submit comment, criticism and critical contributions to the author directly. Contact Tshiamo at 

Enjoy the reading. Then, let’s decentralise!


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