The following are a summation of various ideological views held by the author of the blog.

Note: This site is not news or neutral bickering. The blog posts hosted here are certainly opinions and are likely to be related to the views elaborated on this page. The primary goal of the blog is to provide commentary on contemporary issues and inspire taking action to challenge them!

Economic Views:

A government role in the economy for redistribution, taxation and welfare

  • State provision of positive rights to all (Health Care, Education, Housing, Welfare)
  • Redistribution of wealth, property and resource
  • High tax rates for the wealthy; 100% tax rate for super-wealthy
  • Eventual decentralisation of the state

A role for the wider community in the market and ownership of property

  • Decentralized market with extensive consumer choice allowing for the limited application of the natural forces of supply and demand along with loose cooperation with trade unions, workers’ councils, cooperatives, municipalities and communes.
  • Ownership of property is shared socially.
  • Extensive unionisation of workers

Reasonable regulation by both state and society

  • Regulation of corporations to mitigate negative externalities (i.e. low wages, environmental degradation, exploitation)

Pragmatically, I recognise that these levels of cooperation by various stakeholders are precarious. Also, the incentive of profit is nearly non-existent, which slows innovation and growth of industries.  So, currently, I support a Keynesian social democracy model in the interim. Meanwhile, the challenge is simply to develop a means for the above goals to become reality.

Governance Views:

A social democracy which ensures the following:


  • Rule by the majority but rights for all minorities
  • A constitutional court
  • Negative and Affirmative rights
  • Secularism

Rule of Law

  • A defensive military (in the interim). As strides are made toward interdependent world governance, I support demilitarisation
  • Extensive trial rights
  • Citizen Responsibilities (Mandatory responsibilities e.g. Tax and non-mandatory responsibilities e.g. voting)

Free and fair elections

  • Multiple political parties
  • Independent candidates
  • Limitations on party financing above a determined amount
  • Transparency on party financing above a determined amount
  • Cardinal voting system

Limited Direct Democracy

  • Popular Initiatives
  • Mandatory & Optional Referenda
  • No referenda on constitutional matters
  • Presidential impeachment through referenda
  • Non-Government Organisations
  • Civic Education

Extensive Rights

  • Religious Freedom
  • Freedom of speech and expression excl. Hate Speech
  • Womxn´s rights
  • Children´s rights
  • Equality, Dignity, Security, Life, Privacy, Assembly, Movement, Demonstration, Association, Political Rights, Labour Relations, Education, Language, Culture, Just Administrative Action, Access to courts, Access to information, Housing

Separation of Powers 

  • President elected directly by people
  • Executive Power (cabinet) appointed by President
  • Independent Administrative Bodies (bureaucracies), some should be constitutionally mandated (e.g. Chapter Nine Institutions)
  • Legislative Power through political parties and constituency representatives. (People elect parties through proportional voting AND elect individuals to represent their constituency)
  • Independent Judiciary

Government Accountability

  • Free Press
  • Ethics rules for government officials
  • Protection of whistleblowers
  • Agency ombuds
  • Independent auditors

Co-operation and Coalition

Political Views:

  • Intersectionality (There are overlapping and interdependent systems of persecution)
  • Identity Politics (The perspectives of social groups should inform our political and policy positions)
  • Prioritisation (The interests of persecuted groups should be prioritised above the interests of privileged groups)
  • Conflict Theory (Conflict between privileged groups and persecuted groups will persist until persecuted groups remove power from privileged groups to ensure progress)
  • Decolonisation and de-westernisation
  • Egalitarianism
  • Progress
  • Eventual reconciliation
  • Collectivism

Social Views

  • There is a link between human activity and global climate change
  • Crime can be curbed through socio-economic redress
  • Legalisation of less-harmful recreational drugs (e.g. marijuana)
  • Decriminalisation of sex work
  • Environmentalism
  • Regulations on gun ownership
  • Youth inclusion in democratic institutions
  • Cultural appreciation
  • Scientific transmodernism
  • Restorative Justice
  • Veganism
  • Animal Rights

International Relations Views

  • Interdependence
  • Nuclear nonproliferation
  • Colonial reparation
  • Internationalism
  • Combatting terrorism through a multinational, welfare-oriented and psychologically satisfying program
  • Free Trade

The above are just the most important core beliefs I hold about the world. Rather than obscure me, I allow these views to guide me. These beliefs are both of personal proclivity and intelligent influence by thinkers alive and dead. These views and their motivations are certainly more detailed. So, I am open to engage, explain in further detail and accept critique. Reading this blog in no way means you agree with all or even most of the above. The purpose of the blog is also not to indoctrinate in the above. Realistically, what I view as an issue and therefore write about will be influenced by my views. Although, I am certain any reader will find areas of reasonable common ground.