Imbokodo Campaign

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‘Wathint’ Abafazi, Wathint’ Imbokodo’

Many women undertook prominent roles in the liberation and development of the African continent. Students of the University of the Free State have organised a conscientisation campaign to distribute awareness of these histories of women and reroute contemporary discourse. They distribute material on women histories, while organising a series of events.

To get involved in the campaign, join our WhatsApp group here: You can also assist the campaign by simply reading on or about African women, especially in your field of study or work. Whether you study genetics or journalism, there is an erased history of African women in your field. Find out and let us know.

Tweet an image of an African women in your study field with their contribution. Tag the campaign handle, @ImbokodoCamp and follow us on Twitter to see more of the campaign. Use the hashtags, #UnErase #ImbokodoCamp.

“What becomes clear, when we look to the past with an eye to the future, is that the discouragement of women’s anger — via silencing, erasure, and repression — stems from the correct understanding of those in power that in the fury of women lies the power to change the world.” – Rebecca Traister


UNESCO Women in African History
A module series of over 40 historical figures, including women politicians, artists and thinkers. UNESCO has produced an interactive introduction to particular histories, including audio-visual material and further readings.

SAHO History of Women’s struggle in South Africa
South African History Online (SAHO) presents an introductory history of women struggles and triumphs in South Africa in the 20th Century. This collection includes information on particular women and organisations. It is intended to introduce people to important events and people, about which more comprehensive reading should follow.

Oxford Bibliographies Women and African History
Oxford presents a literature series of African women history for a serious and comprehensive investigation.