No Leaders, No Wars — Discourse

“Young people the world over are reforming political expression to reject centralised democracy. They believe that current models of representative documentary have irreversible flaws that produce political leaders who fail to liberate the people dependent on them. For an assortment of reasons, young people in South Africa are disillusioned with centralisation in the current political climate and have risen to declare more power for the many.”

– No Leaders, No Wars. Tshiamo Malatji

No Leaders, No Wars is a discourse on decentralising power. Focusing on elections and some practical lessons, Tshiamo Malatji makes the case for changing policies of political governance and development, in line with the interests of the common people.

The discourse is Tshiamo’s second writing effort, serving as a sequel to The Common People. Although the agenda is clear (to decentralise), every reader should comb through the ideas presented in the text to assist in their inquiry of the world around them.

All readers are invited to submit comment, criticism and critical contributions to the author directly. Contact Tshiamo at 

Enjoy the reading. Then, let’s decentralise!